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Dillon Quick-Check <br>Tension meter

Dillon Quick-Check
Tension meter

Dillon AP Mechanical Dynamometer

Dillon AP Mechanical Dynamometer

Dillon EDxtreme Dynamometer

Dillon EDxtreme Dynamometer

Dillon EDJunior Dynamometer

Dillon EDJunior Dynamometer

Dillon <br>Model AP <br>Hardware Kits

Model AP
Hardware Kits

Muncy™ <br>Quick Check Calipers Wire Rope Calipers

Quick Check Calipers Wire Rope Calipers

Muncy’s Load <br>Sensing pins <br>Dynamometer

Muncy’s Load
Sensing pins

Custom <br>Load <br>Cells


Tension <br>Links <br>Upson-Walton


Dillon MX <br> Mechanical Force Gauges

Dillon MX
Mechanical Force Gauges

Dillon<br> Model U <br>Force Gauges

Model U
Force Gauges

Dillon<br> FI-127 <br> Indicator


Muncy™ <br>Test bed

Test bed

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Versatility across various Industries

Aviation and Aerospace

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Discover measurement in this industry

Dillon Dynamometers FAQs

A Dillon Dynamometer is a precision force measurement device designed for applications such as tension, compression, and push/pull force testing in various industrial settings.

Dillon Dynamometers are known for their high accuracy. Depending on the model, they can provide accuracy within a certain percentage of the full-scale reading.

Dillon Dynamometers find applications in a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, shipping, and energy. They are used wherever precise force measurement is crucial.

Yes, Dillon Dynamometers are versatile and can be used for both tension and compression force measurements, making them suitable for a variety of testing scenarios.

Yes, Dillon Dynamometers are typically provided with calibration certificates, ensuring that the device meets the specified accuracy standards.

Yes, Dillon offers a variety of dynamometer models with different capacities to accommodate various force measurement requirements. Capacities can range from smaller units for lighter loads to larger units for heavy-duty applications.

Some Dillon Dynamometer models are designed for use in hazardous environments and may come with certifications such as ATEX or IECEx for safe operation in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Choosing the right dynamometer depends on factors such as the type of force measurement needed, the working environment, and the capacity required. Our customer support can assist you in selecting the most suitable model for your specific application.

Dillon Dynamometers are designed for durability and low maintenance. Regular inspection and calibration checks are recommended to ensure accurate and reliable performance. Find our calibration service here

While Dillon Dynamometers are robust, it's important to operate them within their specified capacity to maintain accuracy and prevent damage. Using them beyond their rated capacity may compromise their performance.

Dynamometerloadcell.com is your Premier Choice for Dillon Dynamometers, Calibration, Repairs, and Expert Technical Support. Muncy™ Industries is the official distributor for Dillon Dynamometers.
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