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Find the best service and support to calibrate,  prevent damage, 

or repair your Dillon Dynamometers or other measurement tools

Technical Support and Calibrations

We offer custom indicators that graphs and display your tension loads. The adaptable American-made custom indicator exhibits versatility in conducting an extensive range of material and product assessments, while also demonstrating precision, serving as a reliable calibration benchmark.

We calibrate load cells, dynamometers, testbeds, test stands, and load sensing pins to the ASME E4 standard, compliant and accredited to the ISO 17025.  Our ranges in tension and compression ranges up to 1,500,000 in pounds force.  We can calibrate at your facility or ours.


We Offer Our Services Across Locations

Our services are strategically available in multiple locations, aimed at meeting the diverse needs of our customers

USA and Canada

Latin America

Dynamometerloadcell.com is your Premier Choice for Dillon Dynamometers, Calibration, Repairs, and Expert Technical Support. Muncy™ Industries is the official distributor for Dillon Dynamometers.
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