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Load Cells

We distribute the highly esteemed Muncy™ product line, offering the market’s best cost-benefit ratio

Custom Load Cells

Tailored Precision: Custom Load Cells for Accurate Measurements

We offer custom load cells, as small as a few pounds and up
to 1,500,000 pounds.  We can offer our tension loadcells with thread pitch
to your specifications with both male and female thread.  These loadcells
can have a range of resolution and accuracy and can be calibrated to the ASME 4
standard.  Our compression loadcells can be designed to your specification
for its height and diameter and can be a “pancake loadcell” and/or have a hole
in the middle of the loadcell.

Muncy™ Industries is the official distributor for Dillon Dynamometers.

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Our Services

Find the best service and support to calibrate, and prevent damage to your measurement tools. Request technical support from our highly experienced technical staff.

Our service provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on technical support options.

Dynamometerloadcell.com is your Premier Choice for Dillon Dynamometers, Calibration, Repairs, and Expert Technical Support. Muncy™ Industries is the official distributor for Dillon Dynamometers.
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